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Preserving your wealth for future generations

If you are over the age of thirty or you already have a considerable level of assets, you should consider writing a will.

This legal document will ensure that your wishes are followed after you pass away and that your family members receive the financial support they rightfully deserve. 

Without taking this step, you are leaving things to chance and your family could be left with nothing. 

Writing a will or managing your estate may seem like a complex process. However, we can help keep things simple with a professional will writing and estate planning solution you can trust. 

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“Put your mind at rest while you’re alive and protect your assets for your family when you’re gone.”

Alcester Will Writing Service

A will dictates how your financial assets will be managed when you pass away. This can include who will receive certain assets as well as who will be in charge of your estate. With a professional will writing service in Alcester, you can ensure that your will is clear, legally binding and representative of your desires.

We have a team of expert will writers ready to protect your assets. Get in touch today for a quick, zero-obligation consultation. We’ll answer any questions you may have and get all the information that needs to be included in your will.

Our team will then write a will which matches your requirements perfectly and includes all the key information, such as a list of beneficiaries and the name of your estate executor.


The Right Will Pricing

Single Will

£240 A standard Will for one person
  • Professional advice on the phone or in person to create your legally binding Will
  • Leave your estate to the people you choose
  • Professionally Bound Will
  • Will Clarity Statement and Will Commentary in plain English
  • Full instructions on signing and witnessing your Will

Mirror Will

£300 Two standard Wills, perfect for a couple
  • Professional advice on the phone or in person to create your legally binding Will
  • Leave your estate to the people you choose
  • Professionally Bound Will
  • Will Clarity Statement and Will Commentary in plain English
  • Full instructions on signing and witnessing your Will

Estate Planning
(Will & Trusts)

£POA* *Price depends on the size of your estate and what planning you want
  • Professional advice to set up Trusts alongside your Will
  • Mitigate generational inheritance tax
  • Protect your children’s inheritance against bankruptcy and divorce
  • Ensure your children inherit your estate if your partner re-marries after your death
  • Specify conditions about how your beneficiary's inheritance can be spent

How Does Our Will Writing Service Work?

Write Your Will Today with our Simple 4 Step Process

the right will 4 -2

Step 1

Call us and book a consultation at a time to suit you.

Step 2

In the consultation we will take some basic information including the name and addresses of your Executors, guardians and beneficiaries.

Step 3

We write your Will and send you a draft to check over.

Step 4

Once you have checked your Will and are happy with it, we print it and send the professionally bound documents to you with full signing instructions.

Alcester Estate Planning

Our team at The Right Will can also provide you with a complete and comprehensive estate planning service. Estate planning refers to a series of steps that you can take to ensure that your assets are managed correctly in the event of your passing or if you are incapacitated.

We offer a personalised service at a lower cost than the fees solicitors will charge that is completely focused on your individual situation. This includes your financial worth, the properties you own and any businesses you manage.

If you do not have an estate plan in place, you run the risk of your family and loved ones experiencing a variety of issues, such as:

  • High inheritance tax rates
  • Mounting levels of debt
  • Costly fees
  • Lengthy legal disputes

All of these problems can be avoided if you take the right steps today and start planning for tomorrow.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Without drafting a Will, what will happen?

Without a valid Will, you will be deemed to have died Intestate. This means that the rules of intestacy will determine how your assets will be distributed — which may not match up with your desired wishes. In extreme cases, where family members cannot be identified, the assets will revert to the Crown.

What strategies can I employ to safeguard my assets for years to come?

Consider creating a trust, making gifts to lessen the worth of your estate, or purchasing long-term care insurance – all viable options when it comes to Estate Planning.

Fantastic service ...

“I cannot recommend the Right Will enough! Fantastic service from professional and friendly staff. They made everything so straightforward forward, and I was amazed at how simple Wills can be.”

Mrs Howkins

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